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This exercise forces many people to get quickly out of their comfort zone:  Ask them to draw their right neighbor in a meeting or workshop. Some participants instantly refuse to do the exercise. The reason for that is typically: "I can't draw". However, what participants don't tell you is that they find themselves in a very intimidating and embarrassing situation. After participants have finished their portraits, they are reluctant to show their results to the group. Same again: A very embarrassing situation. Kids, by contrast, would be very proud to show what they have done. Many adults, however, have "unlearned" to play and deal with such situations. They think too early about negative consequences before they start doing something. This behavior may impede us in a Business Design process, especially when we talk to customers or other experts, and needs to be addressed by the coach.


5 min.

Inspired by IDEO.

Draw your Neighbor
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