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The purpose of the call is to keep track of the team's activities and to keep up the team spirit. This is particularly important when team members don't sit in the same office or spend time together in physical workshops or meetings. Especially in work phases between workshops, it is often challenging for teams not to get bogged down and loose the focus of the project. The innovation manager leads the call (not the coach). Before the call starts, every participant should open the current Action Plan of the project and be prepared for the discussion. No bullish*t!

If problems or challenges occur in the call, decide quickly whether they can be fixed right in the call or bound to be solved outside of the call.


30 min. (...and not a minute longer)


  • Innovation manager
  • Innovation experts
  • Business Design coach


  • All participants invited via E-Mail (with dial-in number for conference call system)
  • Action Plan opened by all participants

Example Agenda

Time in MinutesActivitiesFormat*Stakeholders
Welcome and question:
"Any additions to regular schedule?" 
PInnovation manager
2-14Brief reflection of activities and achievements from last weekDAll
15 - 27Planned activities for this / next weekDAll
27-29Support required to smooth things out and improve teamworkDAll

Bye and good luck

PInnovation manager

* P = Presentation | D = Discussion | B = Break | T = Teamwork

Tools & Materials

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