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The Insights Matrix is a simple tool to help you structure the results from the Discover Phase. Summarize all gathered insights on post-its or moderation cards and place them on the matrix based on the following two dimensions:

  • Weak / strong: How weak or strong are the signals you perceived whether the insight can be taken for granted or not (yet)?
  • Confirming / surprising: Is the insight somewhat surprising to you or just confirms your today's beliefs and thoughts?

A proper Discover Phase usually generates insights for every quadrant of the matrix. Insights that are surprising and supported by strong signals usually get special attention from us, since we expect "Golden Nuggets" here that may lead to great new business ideas later on. Translate your key insights into proper sentences (no abbreviations). Accuracy is key at this stage.

The matrix is usually used in the Design Workshop after the presentation of the results of the Discover Phase


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Usage Scenarios

  • Clustering results of the Discover phase
  • Deriving "Golden Nuggets" to spur on ideation and creativity


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