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The Innovation Expert is a member of the project team and, thus, accountable for the results of a Business Design project. He / she contributes to the success of the project with his / her expertise in engineering, sales, marketing or finance, whilst running through the innovation process. It is essential that the Innovation Expert is trained in Business Design before he / she joins a project team. 

Key activities are:

  • Participating in workshops (incl. personal preparation)
  • Working on own content-related tasks (e.g. field research, prototyping, business case modeling) between workshops


The Orange Hills GmbH offers a basic training on Business Design for Innovation Experts over 2 days. It is highly recommended to attend this training before running into the first Kick-off workshop.


  • Get-to-know calls with the Business Design Coach and the Innovation Manager
  • Participating in a basic training on Business Design for the project team (and the sponsor) and ramp-up training for Innovation Managers

  • Participating in the Design workshop (be prepared !)
  • Optional: Participating in a dedicated Validate workshop (if time was not sufficient in the Design workshop)
  • Working on own tasks

  • Working on own tasks
  • Joining the weekly status calls
  • Optional: Reflecting the feedback from regular sponsor's sneak preview (every 2-3 weeks) with the project team
  • Optional: Participating in Validate activities (e.g. field research, prototyping)
  • Optional: Participating in GTD - workshops
  • Optional: Connecting with external experts (e.g. start-ups, engineering experts)
  • Optional: Briefing the engineers and designers for prototyping
  • Preparing and participating in the Review workshop
  • Preparing the final presentation / management proposal to the sponsor on the Decide workshop / D - Day

  • Delivering the final presentation at the Decide workshop / D - Day to the sponsor
  • Recapping the feedback from the Decide workshop and planning of next steps (e.g. next iteration)

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  1. Anonymous

    I am little bit confused from this article. Headline is innovation expert, but then your are talking about the innovation manager. In my understanding the innovation manager itself is a own role and as such already defined. Best, Rainer

    1. You're right, Rainer! Thanks. This is about innovation experts (= team member). Will fix that today.